Håkan Berg i Britain’s Got Talent

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Vår egen Håkan Berg gjorde succe med sin ”King of Birds” akt i Britain´s got Talent 2020

The Swedish Birdman Håkan Berg left everyone in tears of laughter with his comedy magic act ”The King Of Birds” a hilarious combination of comedy and magic in S14E06 of Britain´s Got Talent 2020

He entered the stage on a hover board after a disembodied voice spoke and stated the words ’Introducing the king of birds… Håkan Berg!’ when the stage was covered in smoke. He began his audition and started to make toy birds appear, and ended with producing a huge owl!

After the act, during the feedback session, the four judges heaped praise upon him – until David Walliams shocked everyone with his own feedback: ”I just love things that are absolutely silly. But you did come in and I did think, he seems a bit of a wanker.”

As his fellow judges gasped, David clarified: ”I was wrong!”

And his audition also left Alesha Dixon and Amanda Holden howling with laughter. Alesha described his performance as ‘brilliantly barking mad’ She said: ”I thought it was absolutely hilarious. Brilliantly barking mad and funny in all the right places”

”You are very natural and I think it was very Tommy Cooper-esque” – Amanda Holden

“You’re funny, and I think you’re clever as well.” Simon Cowell concluded

We really hope that Håkan Berg will win Britain’s got Talent.

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